Back to News WARDJet's Z-2543 waterjet was recently used in the restoration of two historical bridges in the United Kingdom.

WARDJet's Z-2543 Waterjet Used in Historical Bridge Restoration Project

The new Tintagel Bridge features many parts that were cut on a WARDJet Z-2543 waterjet cutting system.

Bridging the Gap with WARDJet's Z-2543 Waterjet

The November 2019 issue of MetalForming Magazine features WARDJet’s Z-2543 waterjet in an article describing two very successful UK bridge building projects.

The first project involves the restoration of the Royal Albert Railway-Bridge, a bridge dating back to 1859. Cutlass Mechanical Engineering (CME) selected WARDJet’s Z-2543 waterjet for the project. Its ability to cut parts distortion free, deterring any type of stress-related cracking, was a critical component to the success of the job. In the second project, 40 tons of duplex stainless steel and approximately 3,000 half-inch thick parts were cut for the Tintagel Cornwall Bridge, a bridge dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Over a period of six months, CME operators were cutting almost continuously, totalling 600 hours on their WARDJet waterjet.

WARDJet's Z-2543 Waterjet

Outfitted with an 11ft by 18.7 ft cutting envelope, two cutting heads, and optional camera for remote viewing, the Z-2543 waterjet handled both jobs perfectly, ensuring parts were cut with the highest precision while maintaining structural integrity.

Read the complete article, including a Q&A with WARDJet Applications Engineer Jeff Day, by visiting the MetalForming Magazine website here.


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