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DIY Waterjet Kit

What makes the WARDKit unique is that you build it yourself using easy instructions following comprehensive training at WARDJet facilities.


E-Series Waterjets

The E-Series combines the quality and accuracy of large-scale WARDJet waterjets with a compact footprint and improved accessibility.

Water Only

Water Only Waterjets

Water-only waterjets can substantially improve production for cutting materials like rubber, plastic, foam, insulation, food, cloth, flooring, and more.

Robotic Waterjet

6-Axis Robotic Waterjet

With an impressive 6 axes of motion, the multipurpose abrasive waterjet robot is ideal for many automated cutting processes.

Custom Waterjets


Unique applications require better solutions than what is already out there. We see difficult situations as opportunities to revolutionize and innovate.

5-Axis Cutting

Infini Winder

5-Axis cutting opens up a wide range of applications that can be done on waterjet.


Abrasive Cutting

Our Z-Series waterjets are high tolerance ball screw driven waterjet cutting systems designed with the operator in mind.


Abrasive Cutting

This high precision helical rack and split pinion unit has been designed to meet even the largest requirements while holding very tight tolerances.


Abrasive Cutting

This combination CNC 5-Axis mill (up to 20 hp and 26,000 rpm) and 5-Axis waterjet system is built to easily handle all those larger applications where waterjet cutting and CNC machining are required on the same part.


Pure Water Cutting

The J-138 has been designed for the end user who specializes in cutting materials with PURE WATER.


Pure Water Cutting

High speed, high accuracy, water only cutting system with 5-Axis capability. The frame of the L-Series is extremely robust - made of thick walled steel tubing which is then heat stress relieved.

Intensifier Pumps

Whatever your cutting application, there's a WARDJet AS-Series intensifier pump designed to meet your needs.


Choose the options and accessories you need to get the job done.

Grating Systems

WARDJet, Inc. provides you with four different grating options; each one is specific to a different application. This allows you to use the best system every time.

Parts & Consumables

WARDJet provides a large selection of parts including everything you need to keep your waterjet running at high performance. We supply parts for WARDJet waterjets and also for most makes and models of waterjets.

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