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AXYZ and WARDJET Expo Event Waterdown, ON

Join us on May 22-23

AXYZ and WARDJet Expo Event – Waterdown, ON

You’re invited to the AXYZ and WARDJET Expo Event in Waterdown, Ontario on Wednesday & Thursday, May 22-23! Get ready for an exciting showcase of live CNC demonstrations!

Come join us at our Headquarters for a day packed with Router and Waterjet Application demos and training. Witness firsthand the power and precision of AXYZ Router and WARDJET Waterjet systems with our live demos.

Explore our Router and Waterjet demonstration areas to see these incredible robust machines in action!

Each system will be cutting numerous materials and applications, showcasing their versatility. Our experienced Applications and Product Experts will be on-site, ready to provide training in best practices and answer any questions you might have.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of our manufacturing facility and observe firsthand how our waterjet cutting systems are crafted right here at our facility.
Don’t forget to join us for lunch! It’s the perfect opportunity to stroll around and explore all the systems, while our team of experts stands ready to address any questions you may have. We’ll have a wide variety of materials available for you to see up close.

We look forward to seeing you and your team at this fantastic event, where you’ll find plenty of valuable insights and opportunities to enhance your knowledge!

AAG Headquarters Waterdown, ON
5 Medicorum Pl, Waterdown, ON L8B 0Y2

May 22, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
May 23, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

After attending the expo, you’ll walk away with a full understanding of:

After attending the expo, you’ll walk away with a full understanding of:

Overview and Operation of MOVE Control System

ACM Processing with the AXYZ PANELBuilder System

we invite you to the axyz and wardjet tallmadge expo event

Processing Aluminum, Acrylic, Foams and MDF

The process of how to program, load, and process materials on our systems

Program Schedule

Wednesday, May 22nd

Morning session – 10:00am

Waterjet: Programming and Processing Advanced Materials with Waterjet

– Introduction to MOVE Control Software
– Advanced Materials processing with X-Series Waterjet
+ Benefits of waterjet
+ Fixturing
+ Pre-pierce
+ Benefits of waterjet in conjunction with AXYZ Routers

Lunch session – 12:00pm

Waterjet Maintenance

– Gantry Service Points
– Pump Service Points

Afternoon session – 1:00pm

Router: Getting the Most Out of Your AXYZ Router

AXYZ Trident Router
– Maximize Efficiency with MOVE Interface
– Machine Configurations
– Routing Aluminum with Trident

Thursday, May 23rd

Morning session – 10:00 am

Router: Maximizing Cladding Throughput with PANELBuilder Solution

– Machine Configuration
– ACM Processing
– 1/8″ AL 5054
– PANELBuilder Software

Lunch session – 12:00 pm

Router Maintenance

– Lubrication Points
– Rack and Rail
– Tool Life
– MDF Bed Maintenance
+ “Dress the Deck”

Afternoon session – 2:00pm

Waterjet: Multiple Materials with a Single Tool with the X-Series

– Programming for:
+ Steel
+ Stainless
+ Copper
+ Aluminum
+ Plastics
+ Fragile/Brittle Material
– Material Handling and Multiple Job Planning
– WARDJet Pump Benefits

Facility tours will be offered anytime during the event.

See all these Machines in action!

Learn about the latest CNC innovations and see machinery demonstrations including:



Infinite CNC router


A-1212 waterjet abrasive system / systèmes abrasifs à l'eau A-1212


Waterjet X-Series


MOVE Motion Control Interface

Hear From Our Customers

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“AXYZ CNC routers have become an integral part of Heaven Dowsett’s advancement in CNC machining and of our production capabilities and offer many advantages.”

Heaven Dowsett & Co. Ltd logo

Mark Hamilton

Managing Director AT 
Heaven Dowsett & Co. Ltd

“The AXYZ and WARDJET machines have become a key part of the company’s operations, and more staff have been trained to operate them across all shifts”, including the night shift”

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Matthew Orton

Operations Director at
Tiflex Ltd.

“The X-2040 has been a great addition to our machine portfolio, with the consequent increase in cutting speed and accuracy a real boost to our production capacity and manufacturing capabilities.”

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Richard Hookway

Engineering Manager at
Lionweld Group

 Join us May 22 & 23!!

Don’t miss your chance to visit us and see how we can help you perform better