Motion Control. Reimagined.

MOVE TM - The Simplest Waterjet Motion Control Software.

Drag and Drop Part Loading

With Multi-touch CNC Motion Control

Drag and drop part loading, move and rotate parts with your fingers, and zoom into your cutting area with a pinch. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s like using your tablet - because it was designed to be that way.

The Queue - Take Control of Production

Load multiple parts on the table, see part and overall cut time, and even rearrange part queue position while cutting.

Actively Developed

Move is actively developed - which means you get routine access to time-saving new features the minute they are released

Saved Positions

Get to where you need to go

Capture any position on the table, save it, and move back to that position with a simple tap. Easily recall where on the waterjet table that position is with the visual marker system.

Everything. At Your Fingertips.

Move was designed and tested to provide the most efficient workflow
possible. What you need, only when you need it.

Radial Parts Menu

Easily manipulate already loaded parts

The radial parts menu gives you quick access to mirror, rotate, delete, reset and lock your parts right on the table. Need multiple instances of the same part - just use the array feature!

Built for how you work

Meticulously crafted to improve performance, stability, and ease of use with the features you need to get the job done.

5-Axis Capable

Move is 5-Axis capable right out of the box - no additional plugins or upgrades needed.

Master Z-Height

Control the vertical motion of multiple heads with one touch of a button.

Head Listening

Individually control IO outputs, like water and abrasive, for each head - then control outputs from a simple panel

Notification System

Color-coded notifications keep you up to date on your project and the health of your waterjet.

G+M Translation

Move accepts standard G-Code - not locking you into any specific software package to create parts.

Crash Protection

Move automagically creates backups of the files needed to run your machine to minimize downtime in the event of a failure.

Modern CNC Motion Control Software

Designed from the ground up, Move is hands down the simplest CNC software available today and is powerful enough to fuel even the most demanding applications.

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WARDJET Leap into Precision Program Details

Program Offer:             

- Get up to $3,700 USD worth of CNCSHOP Credit – to be used on our CNCSHOP store with the purchase of a new A-Series or X-Series WARDJET

- No extra charge additional 1-year warranty

- 90-day financing is offered through 3rd party sources for Canada and US for eligible customers


March 25, 2024 -  April 12, 2024 (1)


Eligible systems:         
All confirmed standard WARDJET A-Series, and X-Series model orders. (2)


Eligible Orders:           
All confirmed direct company orders (2) received during the program period


Selling Markets:           
Canada, United States, UK, and Poland



- WARDJET CNC machines that require any level of customization do not qualify

- Excludes all WARDJET used machines

- Machines purchased from Dealers, Distributors and our Referral Programs do not qualify

- Cannot combine discounts from other programs

- Standard payment terms apply to all eligible orders

- Standard Company terms and conditions apply to all eligible orders


(1) – WARDJET reserve the right to terminate the program early or extend the program at their discretion

(2) – Confirmed standard orders are firm orders with a down payment applied