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“Peace of Mind” Event Program Details

Program Dates: From Wednesday March 1st to Friday April 14th (2)


Eligible systems: All standard WARDJET A-Series and X-Series models. (1)


Eligible Orders: All confirmed direct company orders (1) received during the program period. 


Selling Markets:Canada, United States, UK, Poland and all EMEA Regions


- WARDJET waterjet machines that require any level of customization do not qualify

- Excludes used machines

- Machines purchased from Dealers, Distributors and our Referral Programs do not qualify

- Cannot combine discounts from other programs

- Standard payment terms apply to all eligible orders

Standard Company terms and conditions apply to all eligible orders


(1)   – Confirmed standard orders are firm orders with a down payment applied

(2)   – WARDJET reserves the right to terminate the program early or extend the program at their discretion