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We've built and installed thousands of waterjet machines across a diverse industry portfolio to suit specific manufacturing and material cutting needs.




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Our modular products can be tailored to fit your needs and provide a perfect solution to your challenges.

Abrasive Systems


Compact, Easy-to-Use and Fully Enclosed

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Modular, Precise and Versatile

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Large Format, Swift and Modular

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Water Only Systems


Modular, Precise and Purpose-Built

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Swift, Automated and Purpose-Built

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The Fastest in its Class

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Custom Waterjets

Custom Waterjets

Engineered to solve your problems.

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WARDJet is part of AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions. We are global leaders in modular CNC technology with a vast technical support network.


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Grand Opening Celebration Sale Details

Program Offers:

Get over $10,000 of No-Extra-Charge value with the purchase of a new A/X-Series WARDJET


You get…

- No extra charge additional 1 year warranty …PLUS

- No extra charge 2-day personal classroom training (3) …PLUS

- No extra charge 500-hour maintenance tooling kit …PLUS

- 10% off virtually ALL CNCSHOP parts and Major Machine upgrades(4)


Dates: September 11, 2023, to October 16, 2023(1)

Eligible systems: All confirmed standard WARDJET A-Series, and X-Series model orders. (2)

Eligible Orders: All confirmed direct company orders (2) received during the program period.

Selling Markets: Canada, United States, UK, Poland and all EMEA Regions


- WARDJET CNC machines that require any level of customization do not qualify

- Excludes all WARDJET used machines

- Machines purchased from Dealers, Distributors and our Referral Programs do not qualify

- Cannot combine discounts from other programs

- Standard payment terms apply to all eligible orders

- Standard Company terms and conditions apply to all eligible orders


(1) – WARDJET reserve the right to terminate the program early or extend the program at their discretion

(2) – Confirmed standard orders are firm orders with a down payment applied

(3) – Training at AAG Facilities in Tallmadge, OH or Waterdown, ON. Does not include travel and accommodation

(4) – Excludes Diamond Orifices, Nozzles, and Single Service Tickets