SJG International Ltd Improves Efficiency and Accuracy with Advanced CNC Routers and Waterjet Cutting Solutions from AAG

AAG is a leading global manufacturer of CNC routers and waterjet cutting solutions, focused on helping companies of all sizes improve their automation. With over 30 years of experience, they have built and installed thousands of CNC and waterjet cutting systems across a wide array of industries. From metals, plastics and foams and everything in between, they are a world leader in producing cutting system that will help your business grow and expand to exciting new levels. One of the companies that they have supplied is SJG International Ltd, an award winning, market-leading manufacturer of rubber extrusion, gaskets and foam conversions. The company supplies gaskets, washers and sheeting material to a wide range of customers including military and defence to automotive and rail, sports and leisure and many more who need sealing solutions for various applications. They work with their customers to produce rubber and foam solutions that seal, insulate, protect and cushion in often difficult and challenging environments and can assist at every stage of the process, from designing a first prototype to choosing the right materials.

Employing 50 staff, everything that is produced is designed, tooled and manufactured at their custom-built unit in Alcester. SJG International Ltd have full CAD design capabilities in-house and can work from a drawing supplied by the customer or create one to their specifications and requirements. For this to happen they required a machine supplier that had the same exacting standards that they themselves have achieved. They chose AAG, and use AXYZ Routers and WARDJET Waterjets as part of its manufacturing process for rubber extrusion, gaskets and foam conversions. The use of these advanced technologies from AAG allows SJG International Ltd to produce high-quality components with improved efficiency, speed and accuracy.

When asked why they chose AAG as their preferred supplier Rachel Russell (Purchasing Director) explained: “We have a close relationship with AAG and that has made it easier to work with them to bring new machinery and ideas into the business. As the machines are versatile with cutting, routing and knife cutting it has allowed us to be more flexible and this has made it easier in attracting a wide variety of clients. Thanks to the continued innovation such as 5 Axis cutting, made possible using our WARDJET cutter from AAG, and our customer service, we have built a loyal customer base across the world”.

There are five models in the AXYZ Routers range; all with their own unique options and versatility to cross over infinite markets. The routers are controlled by AAG’s A2MC controller or the industry leading control interface MOVE that drives all machine tasks and is designed to optimise the operation of the CNC machines, perform tool changes, set up your work offsets, call up a new file or optimise the cutting speed. MOVE is designed to make machine operation easy and intuitive. Currently SJG International Ltd has four AXYZ CNC routers in its portfolio of machines which has enabled SJG International Ltd to produce components with improved accuracy and consistency, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall quality of its products and reducing lead times and costs.

Also, in the machine make up of SJG International Ltd is the J-Series WARDJET waterjet – a high-precision cutter that enables them to produce components with complex shapes and designs, with minimal waste and improved accuracy. The WARDJET series are offered in varying sizes to adapt to the customers’ floor space. The versatility at the manufacturing stage means that machines can be bespoke and built to customers’ precise requirements – be it the need for a greater Z-travel or custom fixturing in the table or tooling configurations – WARDJET can incorporate the customer’s needs.

The use of these advanced technologies helps SJG International Ltd to meet the growing demand for high-quality components that make industries safer and drive innovation. The combination of AXYZ Routers and WARDJET Waterjets allows the company to produce components that exceed industry standards and customer expectations whilst, at the same time, improving its efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

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