WARDJet Optimizes Cutting Efficiency For Össur Sport Solutions

WARDJet Optimizes Cutting Efficiency For Össur Sport Solutions

Waterjets are a popular choice for fabricators who desire speed and efficiency when cutting a variety of materials. If the quality of the waterjet is lacking, issues like noise control and poor cutting accuracy will hamper production outcomes. This is the situation that Össur Sporting Solutions was experiencing using a waterjet with a robotic arm purchased from another company to trim prosthetics parts. After connecting with WARDJet in 2015, the Iceland-based company discovered our Tailored Waterjet System approach and have since purchased five machines.

Accurate – Compact – Quiet Waterjet Cutting

After initial discussions with Össur, it was clear that they needed a waterjet solution that met specific business objectives, and at the same time, addressed the issues that resulted from their previous waterjet system. This included:

  • Higher Accuracy – Using a gantry-based motion system greatly improved Össur’s path accuracy versus the previous robotic arm. Eliminating secondary hand finishing of parts saved valuable time, making the total production process more efficient overall.
  • Smaller Footprint – Using a standard WARDJet motion system as a starting point, X-Y travel was decreased to 1.0m x 1.0m to keep the size of the machine as compact as possible. This keeps the overall system footprint smaller than the robotic arm solution.
  • Less Noise During Cutting – Implementing a novel high-speed, dynamic water-level control system involves setting the water level to automatically follow the Z-axis motion of the cutting head, keeping the part and waterjet nozzle continuously submerged 1” underwater throughout its full 24” range of travel. Cutting underwater keeps sound levels below the threshold of necessary ear protection.
WARDJet Optimizes Cutting Efficiency For Össur Sport Solutions

Specific Waterjet Tailoring

Every WARDJet waterjet purchased was custom designed specifically to Össur’s specifications, including full enclosure surrounds and integrated safety systems. Össur can continue to produce superior prosthetics, improving people’s mobility across the globe.  


To discover more about Össur, visit their website.

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