Waterjet Orifice and Nozzle Maintenance

Application Specialist Chris Batten takes us on a detailed look at Waterjet Orifice and Nozzle Maintenance in the Apex 60 configuration.

Maximizing Waterjet Performance: Orifice and Nozzle Maintenance Masterclass

Unlock the Secrets of Keeping Your Waterjet at Peak Efficiency

Dive into the world of waterjet maintenance with our latest video, which offers an in-depth guide on orifice and nozzle upkeep. Learn how simple steps can significantly impact your waterjet’s performance and lifespan.

Expert Walkthrough: Follow our specialist as they demonstrate the process of changing orifices and nozzles, ensuring easy access and optimal setup.

Practical Tips: Learn how to handle and preserve delicate components like the mixing chamber and orifices.

Maintenance Best Practices: Discover how to prevent common issues like abrasive buildup and ensure water-sealing connections.

Precision Alignment: Understand the importance of aligning components correctly to reduce turbulence and enhance cutting efficiency.

Ideal for: Waterjet operators, technicians, and maintenance teams are looking to extend the life and efficiency of their waterjet cutting systems.

WARDJET Leap into Precision Program Details

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February 06 to March 15, 2024 (1)


Eligible systems:         
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Canada, United States, UK, and Poland



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(1) – WARDJET reserve the right to terminate the program early or extend the program at their discretion

(2) – Confirmed standard orders are firm orders with a down payment applied


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