Maximize your Production by Utilizing Multiple Heads on WARDJET M-Series

Wednesday August 16 or 23, 9:30 AM (2:30 PM GMT+1) or 1:30 PM EDT (6:30 PM GMT+1)

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In this webinar, you’ll discover effective methods to significantly boost your production rates through the implementation of multiple head cutting. You’ll gain valuable insights on programming for multiple heads, including how to programmatically control each head’s on/off cycle using G&M Code. Our presentation will also include techniques such as mirror cutting, which reduces cut time in larger applications, and leveraging the M-Series head parking feature to capitalize on multi-head cutting without compromising the cutting area of any individual head.

Additionally, we’ll guide you on configuring your system’s pump and accessories to accommodate various setups with larger sheets, allowing for increased versatility. This webinar is perfect for individuals seeking to optimize production while making the most of available floor space. We will demonstrate how the M-Series offers the freedom of a single head large format machine while enabling simultaneous processing of multiple sheets, thereby enhancing productivity.

In this webinar, you will learn:

–              How to double or triple production using multiple head cutting.

–              Programming techniques for multiple heads, controlling on/off cycles through G&M Code.

–              Mirror cutting to reduce cut time in larger applications.

–              Utilizing the M-Series head parking feature for multi-head cutting without sacrificing single head cutting area.

–              Configuring your system’s pump and accessories for multiple setups with larger sheets.

Have your questions ready! At the end of the webinar, our specialists will open the floor to answer all of your waterjet questions.

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