WARDJet X-Series Featured in Netflix Show, Car Masters – Season 3

Exciting news! Our X-Series waterjet is being featured in the hit Netflix show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, throughout Season 3. The first season had 8 million viewers and was on the top 10 list for “most binge-watched shows”. 

The Show

Car Masters is a fun reality show that follows an enthusiastic team of car experts converting old cars and trucks into fascinating custom-built products for a unique set of customers. From speed racers to smart cars to fire-truck hot rods, the crew has transformed the most boring vehicles into the coolest creations you’ll ever see on television. 

Why the WARDJet X-Series?

X-1530 Water-Only

The X-Series is a purpose-built machine that increases productivity for a range of applications. It can be configured with multiple head/tool options, and its tanks are the only tanks to feature internal channel and upright supports. With ¼” steel as standard (compared to 1/8” or smaller in some competition) the X-Series provides unparalleled heavy-duty construction and a drive system designed for long-term ownership. 

Click hereto view the trailer for Car Masters: Rust to Riches – Season 3. 

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