Webinar: Start to Splash: Navigating Your WARDJET

Dates: Wednesday October 18 & 25, 9 30 AM or 1 30 PM EDT

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Join us at our upcoming webinar where we’ll walk you through best practices for firing up your WARDJET and getting it to full production mode. We’ll cover essential steps and share insider tips and tricks to help master your waterjet system.

Don’t miss the chance to connect with Chris Batten, our Waterjet Expert, as he hosts this informative webinar. It’s the perfect moment to either learn the ropes or refresh your memory.

After the webinar, we invite you to stick around for a live Q&A session, where we’ll be on hand to address all your burning questions about operating your WARDJET waterjet system.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. An overview of a waterjet system, including components like the gantry, drive system, Z-carriage, mini hopper, high pressure system, cutting head, water level, drains, abrasive circuit, bulk feed hopper, pump, incoming water, drain, power, and filter status.

2. Step-by-step instructions for starting up your WARDJET, covering tasks such as turning on the water, power, gantry, confirming air supply, clearing all emergency stops, and ensuring abrasive is properly loaded.

3. How to prepare your machine for cutting, including powering up, initiating the machine’s MOVE sequence, homing the machine, calibrating and weighing abrasive from the mini hopper, confirming water supply for the pump, checking for high-pressure line leaks, purging air from the system, performing orifice seating if necessary, securing the material, setting the nozzle guard, positioning the cutting head, configuring standoff/height settings, loading the cutting program, ensuring the pump reaches the required pressure, setting the necessary outputs, and securing door sensors.

4. The final step: cutting with your WARDJET waterjet system.

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